End of the Season Numbers Updated

The Broncos ended the regular season strong going 13-3, here is a start to see how it happened.

Broncos defensive line pass rushing productivity
Broncos running back data including yards after contact, negative runs and long runs
Broncos wide receivers, tight ends and running backs receiving data which includes yards per target, touchdown percentage and the passer rating when targeting each player


Hopefully this week I’ll get more done in terms of charting snap count trends, which stats predict the winner of games the best, and much more.


Broncos Receiving Rating 2013

*Updated With Week 17’s Data*

Wide Receiver Rating (WR Rating) is basically the Passer Rating in reverse. You take the numbers (change attempts into targets, etc) of a wide receiver and insert them into the Passer Rating formula and there you go. Now interceptions may be confusing but that is actually pretty simple, that is any interception by the defense when the ball is targeted at that receiver and the WR made a mistake. Like interceptions for quarterbacks, it’s not perfect since other factors are ignored, but it still tells a big part of the story. It can, and will be, applied to other positions as well and we will apply it to the Broncos tight ends and running backs.

Something to keep in mind is yards per target (Y/T) is similar to yards per attempt (Y/A) for a quarterback and is a better metric than yards per completion/reception since it also takes completion percentage into account. I also included the catch and drop percentages which help expand the picture of how each receiver plays. I also include touchdown percentage which is touchdowns divided by target, that way we can get a picture of how often a player is catching a touchdown per target.

Since WordPress does not support tables in browser, here is the link to the data.