I suppose a quick introduction is in order, my name is Topher Doll, I’ve been a writer on a number of NFL and NCAA Football sites and communities but most recently I worked with the community of sites SB Nation and specifically the Denver Broncos community Mile High Report. I studied sociology in college and love looking at society but especially as it applies to sports. In college I also studied statistics and while many say I’m a stats head, I use them more to reinforce what I see instead of the other way around.

NFL Thoughts, Charts and Tables is a place dedicated to collecting and producing metrics and statistics that helps NFL fans better analyze the game they are watching. Taking what they see with their eyes and putting it on paper. When a fan says “That back doesn’t go down easy.” Well we have that by looking at yards after contact.¬† Due to the fact that I am only able to do this part time currently because to other obligations I will be only producing the data for the Denver Broncos but as I get into a better rhythm with work and family I will expand to the the rest of the AFC West and then to the NFL.

While I will do an initial burst of publishing to get the data out I won’t be doing a lot of new posting during the season, instead I’ll be updating existing tables. To find these instead of looking through old posts merely use the tabs at the top. Want to know the updated receiving ratings for the wide receivers, go to the “Offense” tab and then select the “Wide Receivers” option. That will take you to all the tables for the wide receivers. Click the links and you are there. Sadly WordPress doesn’t support tables so I will send you to Google Docs, you won’t be able to edit the table but you are free to view, copy, paste, whatever you like, I claim the right to my data and any use for monetary gain will be the cause of action against the perpetrators of the actors.

I collect all my data from a variety of sources and combine them to create more reliable and unbiased information. I get at least three sources for each statistic, for the most part they come from my own data collection, Pro Football Focus and ESPN’s staff data, but I use other sources to either add a fourth or fifth input or to supplement one that lacks that information.


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